Blind people and education

The education of blind students in Ethiopia is in no way comparable to that in the Netherlands. Teachers are not trained to help these young people, no Braille is taught, there are no facilities such as books in Braille, let alone digital information.
The education of the blind in Lalibela has been a main focus of our foundation for fifteen years. The first fruits of this are now being reaped. This summer our first two blind students graduated from university, as you can read above.
In August of this year, our volunteer and educational expert Teshome Asefa from Addis went on a working visit to Lalibela for us. There he met our eight university students and provided them with advice for the coming academic year. He also talked to the schools and the Blind Association to discuss how the guidance of blind students in the local schools can be better facilitated.

Teshome Asefa