Successful visit to Lalibela

Our board member Desiree went to Ethiopia in December to visit our old and new friends.

It was planned to discuss current affairs with Setechign, our local coordinator, and an intake with four new blind candidates for our social project. She also met with Sentayu, formerly a member of our social project and now a high school teacher. He will support Setechign in her tasks.

In addition, Desiree and Bas Hollink of the Dutch Beza Foundation started a conversation with the team of Beza Lalibela (Beza is Amhaar for ‘shoulder to shoulder’), a self-help organisation for more than 1000 people with HIV. They discussed the possibility of creating a social workshop, in which both the members of Beza and the supporters of our foundation can work. The aim is to promote self-reliance and to make people with disabilities contribute positively to the local community.

The plans have been tightened up and are currently being approved by the local government.

Looking back to 2017, and our best wishes

2017 was a great year for our foundation:

  • In addition to all the contributions from our regular and occasional donors, we received a great amount of Books Support People;
  • In the Beza Foundation we found an enthusiastic new partner;
  • One of our board members recently paid a valuable visit to Lalibela;
  • We made many nice contacts in schools, on the streets and at meetings.

Our friends in Lalibela still need our help. In fact, last year all basic necessities became at least 30% more expensive. Fortunately, we were able to increase our support for them.

Together with you, we want to make our plans for the people in Lalibela come true in 2018.
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The Board and volunteers of the Lalibela Foundation wish you a good 2018.