Lalibela Foundation wins competition at Leiden University of Applied Sciences

The Lalibela Foundation was recently awarded a large donation from the Hogeschool Leiden (HSL). The donation is the proceeds of the annual competition organised for HSL staff. The board of the HSL donates an amount of 50 euros for each participating team. The total amount is then donated to one or more charities, with the goals being chosen by the winning team.

This year 72 teams participated. Team ‘Scotland’ won, meaning that the 3600 euros go to the Lalibela Foundation. The team wanted the contribution to the charity to cause a big splash instead of a droplet. To that end they opted for a relatively small foundation where no money lingers on personnel costs, but everything is run by volunteers. Moreover, the Lalibela Foundation uses the money very broadly. For social projects, microcredits, blind students and other initiatives in the fight against poverty in the Ethiopian town of Lalibela. The donation from Leiden is entirely for the benefit of the ten blind university students under the auspices of the foundation. To supplement their meager government grant, they receive a donation from the Foundation. Also, at the start of their studies they are given a laptop with speech software, without which studying would be impossible, and guidance from a local volunteer.The cheque was presented to the Lalibela Foundation by the winning team in the presence of the chairman and the deputy chairman of the HSL Executive Board.

Board members Jos van den Brink and Eric Maes (middle) received the cheque for the Lalibela Foundation in Leiden.