Our first blind graduates

We are very proud of our students Tarik Keffie Wosson (pictured) and Meseret Awoke Wubbet for having obtained their university degree in Sociology. They are not the first graduates from our Social Project, but the first blind students. Of course we sincerely hope that they will soon find a paid job.

This academic year no fewer than four blind students have moved on from secondary school to various university programmes. Thanks to our donors and a few donations, we were able to provide all of them with a laptop. As a result, they no longer have to pay fellow students to read their books.
At a later stage, the board will decide whether the other blind students are also eligible for a laptop. For this we will be looking for sponsors in the coming period. Would you like to contribute to this? You know where to find us!

With these four new students we now have ten blind students in our study project.
One of them – Habtamu Melese – deserves a special mention here. In addition to his Law studies, he has written and published a dictionary. Commonly used technical terms in Amharic are now available in English and vice versa.

Tarik Keffie Wosson