S.O.B. and Reba Packaging b.v. support Lalibela Foundation

Under the flag of Stichting Ontwikkelingssamenwerking Boxmeer (SOB), 13 Private Initiatives (or rather foundations) work together in the municipality of Boxmeer. This platform enables the foundations to meet 2 to 3 times a year to exchange information about each other’s projects, to follow workshops, to learn from each other, to work on the awareness of the Boxmeer community.
Every year the municipality of Boxmeer makes an amount available to support the projects. As a foundation you can submit a motivated application to be eligible for (partial) support.
This year we have submitted an application for the co-financing of a collective business building in Lalibela. Together with Beza (see elsewhere on our website) we will organise activities for our people in Lalibela.

We are pleased that on October 4th we received the pledge for an amount of €900.

Besides the SOB, Reba Packaging BV also came from Dongen with an unexpected contribution of €500 as a result of enthusiastic reports about the ongoing activities of the foundation.