Laptops for our blind students

Teshome Assafa — our steady support regarding our blind students and students.

In close consultation with our friend Teshome Assafa – deputy director of a large school in Addis – and for years our support regarding our blind students and students, we have decided to provide our (future) blind students with a laptop with a speech program.
Until now, blind pupils/students had to do without braille/voice, and our student grant (800 Birr per month) is often paid to a reader. In this way, they have to assimilate their learning material. The facilities for blind pupils/students are minimal in Ethiopia.
Thanks to a few donations, we were able to provide the current blind students with second-hand laptops.
We continue to count on your support!

This month we received the following thanks from two blind students.

My dear helping sponsors, how are you doing? I am doing well thanks to God. I want to say thank you to for your genuine aid over the past 10 years since 2008-2018 that I hold my first degree in university. Thank you is not enough to express my feeling towards you due to the fact that without your great aid, I couldn’t have achieved what I have. So, I shall say God bless you!
Yours sincerely, Meseret Awoke.

Hi members of Lalibela Foundation, how are u? I am fine. Sorry for not writing a letter to u before. I was busy and searching a friend to help me to mail u. I want to thank u more,  I get the money that u transferred to me. Thanks…
My graduation research is already at a final stage and I am studying for the final exam.
Goodbye and I will mail u next time.
Tarikua Kefyalew